welcome to my website





This site was made 2 days ago in the middle of the night after five minutes of contemplating whether I should move neocities. I did not like my old one; it was p much devoid of uniqueness and personality despite being cute. So I just wanted a spot on the internet to get silly while still being the cute geek that I always have been. So far I like how this site is turning out because it looks put together and disorganized at the same time, which is pretty much a reflection of me.I had always been interested in coding but I only started to actually teach myself HTMLCSS in late 2020. I then proceeded to make some cool carrds in 2021.. sorry... I have not changed at all since then actually, my carrd pro is still active x3 I was once described as a "niche internet carrd celebrity" so that might give you an idea of what I am like. I made a neocities but didn't actively work on it until the end of 2022... Anyways, back to the present. I had opened up my macbook air after months of staying away from it (I cracked the screen and the display was flickering and half of it was not visible) because I felt sao guilty LOL. So on May 18th 2023 I started working on this site to the best of my ability with 3/5 of the screen flickering and/or blacked out. But when I cvame baqck from school the next day the flickering took up even more of the screen! So I had no choice but to continue my work oin my desk with my big Ass PC. I am not a windows connoisseur so it ahs been tough.. but that's where I've been for the last 11 hours. I didn't finish eating my dinosaur chicken nuggets N they're probably cold after all this time but I'm gonna go do that I am DONE with this site for the night (haha that rhym